YOOZ Replacement Pod

YOOZ Replacement Pods are compatible with the YOOZ Vape Pod System. The replacement pods come with a ceramic coil, which ensures safe vaping and a purer taste. They also come with four different flavors of e-liquid. Because nicotine is a key component of the product, these pods are intended to be used by smokers who want to make the transition to a vape pen.

The YOOZ Pod Cartridge has a 2ml e-juice capacity. The replacement pod is made for the YOOZ Mini or ZERO 2 Mod. The pod is also compatible with other brands’ atomizers. The YOOZ Replacement Pod is also available separately. The warranty period for the YOOZ Pod is one year if the replacement pod is unopened.

The pods are used in closed and open-system vaporizers. They snap into a pod mod’s battery and are used to vape. Once used, the pods must be replaced, and the user must remove the old one before inserting a new one. The pods are easy to replace and are ideal for first-time vapers. Unlike cartridges, they are usually refillable, which is a convenient feature for casual vapers.