VOOPOO – A Brand of Great Performance

The voopoo Pod is a compact, easy to use and effective telephone that allows callers to make hands-free phone calls wherever and whenever they want. The voopoo pod is also an ideal alternative for travelers, who can use their own disposable cell phones instead of using a headset. The VOOPOO can even be used as a portable phone, as it has a small and sleek design and is capable of operating in water up to a certain depth. In this VOOPOO Review we will look at how the VOOPOO works and what are the common accessories used with the product.


The VOOPOO Pod comes with one adapter ring and eight individual pods. The VOOPOO Pod Kit allows you to utilize eight pre-programmed VOOPOO pods, which can be used at any time. You may connect several pods to one main adapter, to extend the length of the telephone talk time and to increase the distance covered by the device. The above information pertains to the manufacturer supplied VOOPOO Pod Kit only and the actual compatibility with different types of VOOPOO is not very clear.

Before we proceed any further, it is advisable to clarify some terms. The VOOPOO consists of two components namely, the microphone which are the actual component of the VOOPOO, as well as the batteries that power the microphone and its various controls. The actual microphone included in the VOOPOO is only compatible with the majority of the PNP/PPP compatible coils, but most of these models have some limits.

The VOOPOO brand also includes the VOOPOO Pro series which is quite popular among the VOOPOO enthusiasts. These models come with two modes namely, the Smoke Free and the Pollution free modes. The two pods along with the one additional preloaded VOOPO2 cartridge ensure smooth and hassle free operation. The two pods feature the gene logo which is the same logo used for the VOOPO brand.

The next model in the VOOPOO range is the MQ PJ which is considered to be the best portable voopoo unit in the market today. The MQ PJ also comes with an excellent build quality and a user friendly interface for ease of use. The main advantage of this VOOPOO product over other similar ones in the market is that the device facilitates true open circuit. In other words, the MQ PJ models do not use the airflow technology and the air box that are generally associated with this type of device. This has a significant impact on the efficiency of the device and considerably boosts its distance covered.

Other important features of the VOOPOO brand are its excellent range of products, its exceptional value for money and most importantly its unique firing mechanism. The unique firing mechanism of the VOOPOO brand ensures quick charge times and efficient recharge times and even ensures that the device does not get damaged while charging. The 1500mah integrated battery and the power pack of the VOOPOO brand make this one of the best devices in terms of portability.

The VOOPOO Pro series also allows users to adjust the power output for both the positive and negative. The power output adjustment allows the user to adjust it according to the need. It is quite surprising that the VOOPOO brand enables a complete conversion of its units so as to run with any standard VoIP phone. The fact that the VOOPOO pods function with any standard VoIP phone and the VOOPO2 cartridge allows users to go beyond the traditional limits of VoIP technology. It is because of these reasons that the VOOPOO brand has managed to become so popular among its competitors.

The VOOPOO brand is available in various attractive shapes and colours and under the VOOPOO name there are various models including the VOOPOO Suck and VOOPOO Squeeze. These are considered the ideal size for people who are looking for a hand held telephone. The VOOPOO Suck is a seven inch handset whereas the VOOPOO Squeeze is a five.5 inch device. The VOOPOO Gene Logo is another great addition to the range and this is a six inch hand held telephone which is capable of making short and long calls.

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