Dead Rabbit V2 – How the New Improved Bowflex Box Modification Reaches Top Quality

The Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA has been an absolute crowd pleaser since it was first released. I knew right then that I had to get my hands on this product like I had gotten my hands on every other Hellvape product that I wanted. I am glad that I got my money’s worth because the V2 is by far the best of them all. If you have yet to get your hand on one of these, I encourage you to do so. They are truly great!

dead rabbit v2


The Hellvape dead rabbit v2 RDA is simply the ultimate upgrade to the original dead rabbit v2, improving on every aspect of the original. The Hellvape dead rabbit v2 RDA is perfect for the guy who wants to produce an unbelievable amount of vapor but doesn’t want to blow his paycheck at the same time. This new unit features a dual airflow options, allowing you the ability to maximize your wattage output while decreasing air noise from airflow. The front iced plate is also an incredible upgrade to the original model, now featuring a dual wide intake that channels airflow exactly where you need it. The side iced plate is now also functional, offering a larger intake that still channels air towards the back of your throat for maximum vapor production. With the side iced plate being able to move up and down, the air can be directed in any direction you desire without obstruction.


In addition to the dual airflow options, the new dead rabbit v2 RDA also offers a larger than ever thermal dome for impressive warming effects with a large amount of back plate area. The insides of this unit are also quite different from its older brother. The insides of this unit are almost completely stainless steel construction, featuring large amounts of space for large quantities of e juice. The large amount of space allows the unit to be very efficient in heating a large amount of e juice at once, giving the owner plenty of room to make adjustments.


The biggest difference between the original version and the upgraded version is the build deck, which now includes four post build decks instead of two. While the new quad post build deck offers improved cooling efficiency, it is not by much. This upgrade does, however, allow for the opportunity for owners to utilize more than one post if needed, increasing the opportunity to maximize vapor production and power.


A major improvement found in the dead rabbit v2 24mm is the increased space for build area. While the previous version had limited space for builds, this unit has expanded. The increased space allows vapers to utilize more coil builds which improves overall efficiency and vapor production. These coil builds can either be single or dual, allowing for all e juice to be utilized with the included dual adjustable coil system. The improved space also allows for easier adjustments during use.


The upgrade does not stop there; the new deck has larger post holes. This allows for improved vapor and wick removal. The large post holes are also better suited for dual coil builds, which are the preferred method of usage for most vapers. The improved airflow offered by the new barrel also increases efficiency, as a larger amount of air can be extracted without wasting any.


The overall vapor production has been slightly reduced on the original dead rabbit duo. However, the overall efficiency has been improved for dual coil builds. Since these units are vaped over a copper plate, dual coil systems require slightly more work than standard coil builds.


The deck has also been slightly modified to accommodate the newly improved vapor production. The air has been allowed to expand into two separate chambers, rather than being forced through a single wick. The result is an increase in vapor and wick life, along with an increased efficiency. It is also important to note that the two decks have been designed specifically so that there is no interference with direct juice flow from another electronic device. The improved functionality and efficiency of the dead rabbit v2 makes it the ideal upgrade for every vaper, regardless of their build configuration.