AEGIS Boost Kit Review – Vapor Clouds With Amazing Battery Life

aegis boost

The GeekVape aegis boost is a revolutionary airsoft and electric gun that combine many different features of other airsoft guns. This airsoft gun comes in two versions, the AEGIS Boost and the Vandy Vaporizer. Both use a rechargeable lithium polymer (LiPo) cell with a high powered motor. The batteries are built to withstand high lasting shots.

The AEGIS Boost is a small device that works just like an electronic vaporizer. The unit can run on three AA batteries or seven triple A batteries. The Jackaroo Pod also is an IPRower, which can output power up to a thousand watts. The product has a built in alarm that sounds when the battery is discharged or charged. The Vandy Vaporizer is a hand held, self contained, coolifier that gives you the option of over two hundred and fifty flavors of e juice.

The geekvape aegis boost has a unique exterior design, and the aegis boost features a shock-resistant body. There are a replaceable battery door, a replaceable battery, replaceable front panel controls, a large replacement front panel, and a two year limited warranty. The jackaroo mod is also a unique feature of this product. The front panel controls are removable and come with a five year limited warranty.

The AEGIS Boost does have some shortcomings. The first flaw is that the battery life is somewhat short. The second problem is that it does not fit well with other AEG model and does not have a variable airflow dial. It does have a very high resistance to shocks though. If you are looking for a unit that will last and give you good battery life, the aegis boost is probably a good choice.

The AEGIS Boost can be used with the geekvape vaper or pod vaporizers. With the pod vapors you can choose the flavor you would like. You can choose the strength of the vapor and even get a dual coil boost. With the AEGIS Boost you have three different settings: low, med, and high. By doing this you will be able to adjust the strengths you desire. This unit has a replaceable battery as well and comes complete with one year of warranty.

This is the best unit on the market that has a real high resistance to shocks and a lot of power. The AEGIS boost has a built in audible warning sound, a replaceable battery door with a 5 year limited warranty, adjustable airflow dial, two coils, a front firing trigger, a side pull trigger, and a large control knob. It also has a safety lock so that you will not accidentally fire the unit. The AEGIS Boost Pod Mod has two speed modes: low and med.

The AEGIS Boost offers the ability to take vapor flavors like blueberry, cherry, berry, chocolate, coconut, black pepper, and many more. This is the perfect unit if you are a big fan of changing your e-liquid flavors or even creating your own flavors. In addition, it allows for you to change the strength of the airflow. It even comes with a two battery life with a 1500mah battery life.

When using the AEGIS Boost, make sure to use the included pod adaptor. With this adapter, you can easily change out your old coils for new coils, without having to mess with the wires or worry about damaging your batteries. The AEGIS Boost does not require a lot of maintenance and is fairly easy to clean. There is a metal ring on the bottom of the unit to help prevent dripping. If you want to stay away from dripping, you should also try to use a thin layer of silicon based lubricant under the cap to keep the coils clean and protected.

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