A Quick Review on the rebuilt Dead Rabbit V2 Atomizer

dead rabbit v2

The original version of the dead rabbit rda by Vapers Anonymous has been a huge success because of its unique approach to an efficient, reliable, and user-friendly electronic device. This was in the form of a rebuildable tank which allowed you to replace dead batteries with a fresh batch. It also features a uniquely designed airflow control that allows it to adjust to your needs as you use it. It even comes with a charger and includes a two-year limited warranty. However, it is not without flaws.


I’ll start by saying that the original version had some flaws that I found disappointing. Firstly, it did not offer wide open air designs like the newer versions. The wide open designs created lots of backspin, but it made for an extremely effective rebuildable tank. Second, the pump was very loud and hard to clean, which left me wanting to discontinue use altogether. Third, it produced horrible vapor but gave little flavor and lasted for only six hours. Fourth, the replacement batteries were horrible and made me wish I had gone with the original version.


So, I decided to take another look at the original version of the dead rabbit v2. Since I was going to be using the rebuildable version anyway, I figured it would be worth it to give it a shot. I decided to go with the original version, which also featured the amazing wide open airflow design. I was excited to try out the product and write a review.


Upon opening the box, I was excited by the appearance of the Vaping Anonymous dead rabbit run. It was similar to the original version but featured a single coil build deck. Everything seemed to be in good working order. I quickly put the base on and began to fasten the dual copper casing.


Once I did, I attached the airflow switch and zip tied the two together. The box looked great! Then, I quickly removed the airflow switch and checked the two coils. They were perfectly aligned and I was ready to place the single coil in. However, something was wrong.


When I removed the drip tip from the original dead rabbit v2, I saw that there were two bent wires on either side of the deck. I quickly located the two screws that hold down the two coils. They were very easy to remove. The reason I noticed this was because when I reconnected the wicking system to the bottom side of the deck, it created a nice tight seal.


This new working system features two coils and two holes for the user manual and the silicone o-ring. I decided to try the new dead rabbit v2 on my original version but since I had already taken it apart, I decided to use the new user manual and make any changes that the original version may have missed. I adjusted the airflow adjuster knob until I was able to get the box to breathe at the lowest setting. Then, I proceeded to place the silicone o-ring and adjust the air flow by turning the knob up and down. After doing this, I found that the original version emitted a lot of smoke but this one worked quite well.


All in all, this is a pretty simple Dead Rabbit V2 rebuildable atomizer. I would recommend this product for a smoker who likes to rebuild their own cigarettes. It’s small and easy to take apart. It also has a great price. Now, I just need to get my hands on some replacement coils. I’m sure my next rebuildable cigarette will be great.

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