What problems do you meet about Smok Nord

It appears like the Consumption series. It seems like INTAKE, which has actually been transformed to MTL with smok nord problems.

Oh, it’s really little. The within the accessory bag is messy, but there is a great deal of air shaft parts. Let’s take a closer appearance later on. The accessories are as adheres to.

Consumption MTL body

Bubble glass storage tank

Spare O-ring/ Spare screw


Airhole components (described later on).

User’s manual/ guarantee.

The size is 24mm in diameter x 54.3 mm in height, which is not so little. However, the 26mm jumbo design of INTAKE DUAL left a perception on me, and also it seems really compact. I ask yourself if the drip idea is tiny.

With leading intake, an air course is provided inside the chamber to the bottom of the coil, as well as the unique style of blowing out from under the coil is still to live.

The left is a straight tank with 3.1 ml, and the right is a bubble storage tank with 4.6 ml. Also right, it boasts a substantially larger fluid capability than it looks.

Just like the previous INTAKE, the leading style has a layout that makes you seem like you have actually started around the cap, offering you a great grasp.

The drip pointer is 510. The inner diameter of the smokeshaft also appears to be the standard density for MTL.

The top cap is a fast launch technique that comes off after half a turn. It seems easy to bill because the opening is huge.

The factor is that there are lots of holes in the airflow ring, however, the air supply can be picked in 2 methods. The one in the photo has one tiny opening, and you can pick the air hole of your favored dimension.

Is this a blast RTA? A huge hole that makes you believe. By revolving the AFC ring, you can make light adjustments by opening 1 to 5 pieces.

The left is four open, as well as the right, is only one open.

Base. It’s uncommon for the outdoors to be slightly slanted. I thought it would certainly look cool when I installed it, however, it was unexpectedly advanced. Please have a look at the photo that I installed later.

The air supply route has specifically the same framework as CONSUMPTION. There are two air passage tubes, which are transmitted from the intake opening on top to the bottom of the deck. Achieves bottom circulation of top intake.

The components that fit the pipeline inside the chamber turn as the deck is tightened.

The deck is smaller overall. There is a wall beside the established screw to avoid the wire from escaping, which seems to make it less complicated to build. Please keep in mind that the established screw is a reverse screw.

Air hole and wick opening. Air shaft parts-removable with screws. You can pick from 5 kinds consisting of the one attached to the main body.

5 sorts of 1.0 mm/ 1.2 mm/ 1.4 mm/ 1.6 mm/ 1.8 mm. Offered in dimensions that are easy to use with MTL.

I tried to build.

For the coil, I utilized the affixed 0.8 Ω little Clapton coil. It’s quite slim and also tuned for MTL.

What does the reverse screw suggest? Is it to prevent the cord from being pulled? Then you can reverse the positions of the pipe as well as the screw.

Impressions I tried.

I attempted to attach 1.0 mm to the air opening under the coil, however I attached 1.0 mm air hole components, however I can appreciate it with DL. The draw came to be much heavier as well as lighter, so I assumed this was an air leakage someplace. Allow’s test by completely closing the air opening at the base of the coil.

Despite the fact that the air shaft is 0 mm, you can appreciate it as it is. Probably it has actually been sucked in from around the components in the turning chamber as well as around the pipeline. This style would have been fine if it was for full DL, but if it is an MTL that uses more negative pressure, leak may be a worry.

Obviously, if you press the air hole at the top of the atom, the draw will certainly be heavy. That seems to be different from the intended usage.

It’s not for VAPER that suches as tightly squeezed MTL, however it’s tolerable if you utilize it as DL since it has a 1.8 mm air hole as well as is hefty.

The 810 size drip tip has a strong taper shape. Since the base component is increased to the exact same size as Dorichi, there is a possibility that an action will certainly be produced if you make use of something apart from genuine, yet this looks is pretty good.

The top cap is a non-slip groove with screws. The liquid charge port is huge and also is located one action reduced, making it difficult to spill when billing. Furthermore, the O-ring is affixed to the cap side, so the fluid attached near the charge port does not easily bleed.

AFC ring. If you think it’s a smoke system, it’s unexpectedly tiny. It can be revolved as well as changed steplessly.

bottom. The AFC ring will certainly pop off from this side. The pin is additionally strongly dealt with as well as appears to be able to match the device.

The within the chamber is angled in two stages to connect to the chimney. The caliber of the chamber itself is large, it appears that the inside will certainly be substantially tightened by combining the decks.

In RDA, it was made like 2 big coils could be assembled on a substantial deck, yet in this RTA, it is a solitary dokan in the valley between the posts! Design. The lower part of the juice feed hole is one action reduced, as well as it is designed to make sure that it can be sucked without leaving any kind of liquid.

The message is fastened regardless of the coil winding instructions. The area straight listed below the screw is reduced to stop the cable from escaping.

There are 3 air electrical outlets from diagonally below the coil x 2 and 2 air outlets dealing with each other from the side of the coil. It is a style that sprays on the coil from an overall of 8 little holes. You can appreciate a smooth feedback.

It’s a good idea, so let’s make it a significant coil. The coil diameter is 3 mm inside diameter.

The hole for keeping the cotton is also large, so it really feels ideal for a 3mm coil. Since the length direction is additionally huge, it is not unreasonable for cotton work even if the coil itself is long fused or area coil.

smok nord problems

Examination fire! Yeah, it looks excellent!

I tried it.

Ah, this is really excellent. A somewhat wet, warm mist comes up. It’s even more like a dripper, thanks to the low profile chamber as well as ultra-short chimney.

AFC makes a great deal of noise. The draw was fairly hefty also when fully open, and also it was simply right also when fully open.

The quantity and taste of haze are wonderful, and this reduced profile appearance is likewise really great. As the quantity of haze is big, the fluid consumption is also rather large.

The one in the photo has one small opening, and you can select the air hole of your favorite dimension. There are 2 air passage tubes, which are transferred from the consumption hole at the top to the bottom of the deck. Air hole as well as wick hole. I tried to affix 1.0 mm to the air hole under the coil, however I connected 1.0 mm air opening parts, however I can appreciate it with DL. Let’s examination by totally shutting the air opening at the bottom of the coil.

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