Vsticking VKsma TC Mod Kit with YiHi ESS Chipset Auto Bottom Filling

VSTICKING VKsma autopilot Squonk TC Kit w / ESS Yihi reconstructed atomizers
The VSTICKING VKsma looks and works pretty similar with 3 Mini Kit P4Y IPV. the kit has a driver VKsma Yihi ESS squonking automatic control and e-liquid atomiser automatic drip, control sequences full temperature modus capacity power system DIY down flavor with each puff, the reservoir is removed and 3 ml 1400mAh with integrated systems battery charge. Depending on your choice, you can get a spray ADA only version that includes a pre-compiled or both ADA and RADA repairable.


ESS Yihi Netherlands autopilot Juice Filling
The VKsma designed with the latest driver ESS Yihi which means it is an automatic squonker electronic spray which includes an automatic feed system down automatically or manually send e-juice to the atomizer attached. Intelligent system automatically returns the excess juice in the tank mod or add more if needed. Driver ESS also in P4Y IPV Mini 3, one of the most popular products in cardiovascular disease because it produces vapors and GDR style for e-liquid juice stays fresh in a separate tank.

VKsma Case Mod
The device consists of zinc alloy material and measures 79 mm x 47.5mm x 18.6mm, so that it is portable and easy to carry mod. In view of that before it will fire metal buttons, two buttons and an average 0.69 inch OLED. The menu is oriented horizontally and data Vape appears in white on a black background.

Under one hand, you can be found tanks and slide-liquid are easily removable food juice to the attached atomizer. It can contain 3 ml of e-liquid, but people will receive EU press 2 ml.
VKsma gain strength powerful built-in battery has a large capacity 1400mAh long vaping. Recharging takes place via a micro USB port which supports one ampere of current.

mod works in automatic mode or in a DIY mode. There are two Auto modes: P1 runs from 5 to 15 watts, depending on the heating element of the atomizer and the most powerful P2 has 10 to 25 watts. DIY mode, the power range is 10-35 joules and temperature control operations support 356-500 or 180-260 degrees Fahrenheit degrees Celsius.

SMA ADA Atomizer
Brass and PP function, ADM ADA (Auto Dripping Atomizer) in automatic mode and DIY. There are two versions of this atomizer: a coil with a Ni-Mn 0.3ohm for e-liquid Ni211 standard or stainless steel versions for e-juice 1ohm nic salt. By measuring 28mm x 14mm, ADM ADA low enough to keep the overall portability kit.

RADA SMI atomiser
Auto drip spray improved measures 33.5 mm x 15.5 mm and is made of stainless steel and PEI. Atty function mode only and has a hardware platform supporting only the temperature control of the rebuildable coil with a resistance of 0.2 to 1 ohm.

Easy Recharging
To add 3 ml of the juice in the container is enough to pull the base of the container and juice mod jet directly into the fill slot. To complete the loading process, pushing the rear of the tank in the machine.

8 Options Design
Mod VSTICKING VKsma available with a silver medal, bronze or black body designs inlaid quality on both sides. the choice of color silver zigzag coral silver and gunmetal carbon, diamond bronze, black skull, flame black, black black.

Features VSTICKING VKsma
Dimensions: 47.5 mm x 79 mm x 18.6 mm
Made of zinc alloy
choice of colors: black suede, black leather, black flames, black skull, diamond gunmetal, gunmetal carbon, coral silver, silver zigzag
3 ml removable tank
tank for easy refills
Yihi SX638H update chipset
Automatic mode
DIY fashion
The strength of the range of 10 W to 35 W
power setting P1 or P2
Output depends on the atomizer
0.3ohm Ni211 P1 (10W to 15W) | P2 (20W 25W)
SS316 1ohm P1 (5W to 6 W) | P2 (10W to 12W)
Temperature Range: 180-260 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit 356-500
output voltages: 1.73V to 3.5V
1400mAh built-in battery
charging system DC 5V / 1A
Yihi ESS controller for automatic squonking
add or remove juice automatic steam bath
preventing dry burns
the atomizers selection
SMI RADA (atomizer automatic drip rebuilt
SMA ADA (atomizer automatic drip)
producing an amazing flavor
E-liquid is separated from the atomizer to keep costs Vape juice


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