Review of Best Uwell And Other Vape TC Mod, Tank, Accessories

Call Respectable

This change does not make the list above, but IMO worth mentioning

Aspire Speeder – Limit 1 per company, this means outside the oddball. Another good mod 218 TC Charon Smoant and

Smoant Gaia – 2 Mods was excellent was once again the victim of the rules of my business. I lost 30mm 510-pin for the friendly centering Zylon and a color screen. However, they are very good and everything Charon a good race, I was not surprised Gaia had a lot of love

VooPoo slide – preferred Internet community for sure, but I went because of the slope and low power limit in CV mode. Mod is still a big if

Eleaf Ikonn 220 – This mod will receive little or no attention, but it takes all foreigners. The only problem that I had a very small screen.

Minikin 2 – The lack of control of the proper temperature and keep the level of price lists, but the models are very well built and in electric mode.
Uwell Nunchaku 2 TC Mod
Wismec Ravage230 – review should be this month vaping 360, but it feels very well and gave me no problems. Unfortunately, you can see, not to break the pin in the 510 free mod for the design, but not in my usage test or indicate a problem. I want to see longevity in terms of nature, so I left the list. to continue to wait for predators and Uwell Crown 4 Tank

VV Mods

VV best mods

IJOY Zenith – under $ 30 later in the advertising for the introduction of 20ish. Both players and well built. IJOY best mod the year did but flew under the radar

Dovpo M VV – in the range of $ 25-40 VV is the best dual battery mod. excellent performance and a plurality of voltage of 1 V at a full voltage of the length of the battery. It is built like a tank and has a nice rubbery finish. You prefer to fly under the radar. People should have a Crown Pod System
Asvape Lucifer – I check for lack of time, but the VV mod wooden bar quite affordable is not just beautiful and it works well. It is the No. 1 only because of the price point Charon Smoant adjustable 218 – an excellent mod Smoant that does what it promises so no complaints. And it was fairly cheap about $ 30

Hexohm 3.0 – cult classic The community is built the solid model as a tank with a lifetime warranty. Always mod $ 200 to do other things on this list, is no longer

The best mods single battery internal battery / Innokin
Uwell Vape pod
Kroma-A, a model of the internal battery 75 watts, good temperature control, and well built. Chip is very underestimated at Atheon Pico Eleaf 25. One of the smaller mods. Atomizer players to 25 mm and an excellent process of feeding. TC mode is very bad if

Geekvape Aegis – which is a great SOB mod battery hard water, but strong and water-resistant.

RTG GT150 – a model internal battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh 150W good mod is basically built with a convenient form of small Caliburn KOKO Pod

Create lists based on size – Eleaf Kiya. A small mod 50 watts for a stealthy evaporator

Best Mods Squonk

Therion evaporator 75c lack BF – Chip DNA75c updated evaporator lost mod. What he loves. Notice to come to this in February

VT inbox Hcigar – DNA chip 75 in a small box. A few snags, but a bit of fun sqounker

Azeroth coil Sqounk Mod Art – small mech 18650 sqounker pulse was popular and a box of 3D printing metal case is well built affordable

Drone vape least – although this figure 1 on the list, but unfortunately, it was not available when I found below. Two sqounker inertia of the best ever produced 18650

Geekvape Gbox 200 – could see, probably not. I tried not enough to control the temperature of the judges, but the lack of opportunities out there to do the job

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