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In the above devices, I have examined mods pocket friendly nokiva vaporizer show new powered by an internal battery. The TC 200 is a hive Mod high power device is powered by a double 18650 is output usually occurs.

This TC Mod 200W Colmena kit paired with simple but perfectly adequate reservoir under Colmena ohms. nest driven by a sense of Chip and Aero mode, it will only be a matter of time before entering the club 200W AIRISTECH with the use of an external battery, but is part of a market that is flooded with so many devices to keep If the nest? Come see!



1x 200 MOD Hive
1x Ruffled tank
replacement coil 1x
1x glass replacement tube
Package 1x O-ring
1x USB cable
2x guide users
1x Card Chipset
1x Warranty Card
1x certification card

Aesthetics and ergonomics

Nest Kit comes in a cardboard box with a window overlooking hexagons, so I knew that I received before the start of the opening of the resin, other versions are made of carbon fiber, but look at the picture I am pretty sure that this is the effect of carbon fiber rather than real. Mod is equipped with a tank should correspond to the lower resin resin panel black nest at the front end of the device. The extension of this device is more or less an explosion of devices on average twice and seems almost 18,650 average weight, a form of very old school without ergonomics packets, but it is a good size and the large side panels button six because it is very convenient to use. The resin panel of the front panel unit mentioned above, we have the “Arteria” empty. the screen is a hexagonal shape and a further decline in resin panels, – and + black but white labels. On the back of the apparatus able to find that screen samples have a hexagonal shape with the same size, but this is a metal plate with a design bee, the remainder of the rear panel (removable to adapt the battery) aligned excellent I like design. One side is a particular nature, others have already mentioned six protruding socket on the trigger and the machine is very good, better positioned vertically below, we have a micro USB port with an indicator light. Many good sealing printed security and basic ventilation atop a side plate 510 has a small lift gold plated spring 510. This device is solid, but the thick metal aluminum and nothing rattles of the appliance,

specifications and characteristics reservoir Colmena:

Size: 43.8 x 24 mm
Material: Stainless steel
E-juice Capacity: 4 ml
Coil resistance: the coil mesh 0.14ohm ± 0.03 (50-90W)
Filling method: Top filling
tubes and the normal tube world 4 ml 3 ml
watt coil and high net rich flavor
Easy to recharge design
In the adjustable system air flow
Threads: 510
Color: White, Black, Blue

tank general nests

Ruffle tank tank ohms as the simplest in design with nothing new happening, but very well done and very nice, with a very good motor. The reservoir 810 consists hat tip cup herbva 5g click in and filling port ring, and the base glass.

(Glass Installed bubbles capacity of 4 ml, a right lens is also provided with a capacity of 3 ml) can be easily removed when opening the database, the cover, the screw directly to the base coil and the bottom of the center ring when the juice is screwed together to fill the tank. resin version received a unit equipped with 810 tanks black resin droplets advanced hive assembly 810 is the norm, but just deep enough that good match 810 other people will not be complete. For complete diffusion that the top (large wire) revealed two holes generously filling. two coils are obtained, including mesh identical to the strength of the +/- variants evaluation 0.14ohm 0.03ohms between 90W 50W. tank hive has a slot airflow double Cyclops and the base comprises a planar portion 510 first gold.

Colmena 200W Specifications and features:

Size: 90 x 49 x 28 mm
Material: Aluminum alloy and resin
Watt Range: 5-200W
Voltage range: 0.5-8V
Resistance range: 0.08-3ohm
Work mode: VW / VV / TC (Ni200, Ti.SS316) / TCR
TC Range: 200-600 ℉ / 100-300 ℃
18650 dual output 200W Max
1.3inch TFT color display Ease of use
AERO sophisticated chips with multiple protection
The innovative “flavor Mode” function
Brand new menu system hive style
Threads: 510
Color: blue resin, carbon fiber

No battery

dual devices equipped 18,650 removing the rear panel that can be easily done with the help of the notches at the bottom of the device. The battery compartment is very clean and tidy and equipped with a battery belt to help remove the battery. This is usually groan because of the orientation is not marked in white and if that’s the case, is a well-lit compartment when opened, the day or the management of artificial light can be easily seen. Securing the panel in place by four magnets (one at each corner) and even if it can produce a movement up and down by hand, a force is required during use or shake the device without movement.


The hive has a hexagonal screen color is colorful, bright and very sharp. There are two models aligned and down and every 3 follows the contour of the hexagonal shape, the point is gray while the top is the color and brightness.

On the top line on the environment, we must “Arteria” appears, in which the top and bottom lines meet on the left, we have the second airistech switch herb get code and right, have a padlock icon is gray display it.

On the bottom line, has two battery tray, two-lined design which together form the shape of a hexagon so right at the top, then one watt (when the temperature Of temperature control). Even lower in the design has twice the power and tension from left to right, control the temperature between the temperature and where the resistance and voltage show that we now have a watt to display temperature control.

use nest

Nido is the usual 5 clicks 5 clicks to turn on and off when you get a hand in farewell mortal say like me (please mind the simple things simple). When the first device that comes when mounted tank, or if the device is set automatically recommended tank installed power (in 99% of cases, are likely to have changes) will determine the winding resistance. There are a few shortcuts and features a combination of press cameras have two different ways to change the font color and focus on the screen. By pressing the button 4 times shots put on display the color selection is a group of hexagons locked together in each hexagon is a selection of white, green, yellow, orange, purple, blue and exit. Whatever the larger movement hex will be in terms of the other six very important, how the full menu is displayed on the screen, you’ll have a hex that said production will take you to the main screen, or will tell the hexagon will and others say that this return will take you to the previous screen. Another way you can change the color simply pressing the shutter button 2 times, but this does not display color selection change the appearance of the next color. A Pressing the + and – buttons highlight all of the blocks and the rest of the screen turned gray, the function does not actually lock the device and will not trigger the pressing + and fire for 2 seconds to lock the keypad and + – but the willingness of the device triggers to enter to the main menu is three clicks take screen WORKMODE said hexagon to filter electrical, temperature, taste (I cover this in the next section), the voltage (the device also has the mode variable voltage), brightness (brightness set) outside (if off devices ) and Exit. When power is selected, you can adjust the power curve to choose the material temperature control to determine watts for temperature control and TCR election again lets you set W and TCR can enter a value.

I love this menu specially selected hexagon how the next size increases front top, I’m just a little problem with the menu was misspelled many words relx vape pods show new everywhere.

fashion taste

This mode is ideal for conversation topics when it comes to getting someone through vaping smoke, but actually is 100% trick. Once you have established your watts, then it comes to fashion and choose your taste does not change the power that made me smile, because people know that there is no way that the device can change settings like the taste. But I am interested in why and how it changes watts to try to trick people into thinking that these devices actually do what allows the face to be a techie, but vaping. In view of research, no matter what you choose the flavor profile that provides exactly the same power, so I changed the tank Watts now, were given, but once again have the same power to everyone. I realized then that I was doing the device, if you remember when deposits device recommended offers watts (people of fashion) is set as the flavor profile is selected in the fashion sense is just leisurely fashion savvy Do you think he reacted to the feeling you’ve chosen, really respond to resistance and tasteless, 100% trick, but when you really find out what really happened, if it was not for me lmao would upset than any other industry out vaping will ashamed to sell a big lie.

I would like once again to thank Evan from heaven Award for the supply of Colmena 200 TC Kit artery for purposes of this review.

You can buy here:relx america

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