DOVPO Mods and Mods by DOVPO

The DOVPO mod is a vaping device powered by dual high-drain 18650 batteries. Unlike the other popular mods, the DOVPO lacks a Micro USB port, so users will need to use a battery charger to recharge the device. They should also keep extra 18650 batteries handy. The DOVPO features a visually stunning design and an ergonomic design. The odin 200 is compatible with most atomizers and supports dual 18650 batteries.


The MVV 2 mech mod by DOVPO is a potentiometer-based mechanical device that delivers high power output. Its dual 18650 cells allow it to fire up to 280 watts. It has multiple safety features, including a built-in USB Type-C port, and a colorful battery cover. It also has a large, ergonomic fire button and is compatible with most atomizers.

The DOVPO M VV 2 Mod is a mechanical device that features adjustable voltage levels. Its maximum power output is 280 watts, depending on the charge level of the inserted cells. The DOVPO M VV 2 mechanical mod is also equipped with a USB Type-C port for easy charging. It comes with multiple safety features, and is designed to last. The MVV II mod is compatible with any type of battery, so it is ideal for first-timers who want to try a new vaping device.

The DOVPO MVV 2 Mech Mod is a mechanical device that varies in power output depending on the charge level of the inserted cells. It produces up to 280 watts when fully charged, but only offers voltage adjustment options between 6.4 to 8.4 volts. The atomizer resistance is low at 0.08 ohm, and it comes with safety features. There are many benefits to the DOVPO M VV II Mechanical Mod.

The DOVPO M VV 2 Mod is a dual 18650 battery-based mechanical vape mod that can output 8.0 volts. It has four LED indicator lights, which display the voltage levels. The DOVPO M VV2 Mod also comes with multiple safety features. Its 510 connector is gold-plated and has a 510 threaded connection. Its squonker also has an adjustable airflow.

The DOVPO MOD is a visually stunning device, which is a versatile device. It can fire atomizers with a resistance of up to 1.6 ohms, and features a 510 connector with a spring-loaded gold-plated pin. The DOVPO M VV II is compatible with a wide variety of atomizers and has several safety features. It can also be used to power an e-cigarette.

The DOVPO VEE VV Mod is a dual-high-amp 18650 mod. The VV MOD has a dual-volt output range, and can regulate the voltage between 1.0 and 8.0 volts. It has a clear digital display that shows the output voltage in real time. The DOVPO M VV MOD is ergonomically designed and has an anti-slip side. The battery is located on the top of the body, which makes it easy to grip.